Novelist Seymour Hamilton interviews Antoine Vanner

Seymour Hamilton, author of The Astrea Trilogy (described by one critic as “a trilogy that will fascinate all those who have the sea in their blood and yearn for those days of sail”), interviews Antoine Vanner via Skype on May 30th 2013.

Seymour and Antoine are kindred spirits, both fascinated by the lure of maritime adventure, both getting great pleasure from writing about it, even though the focus of their fiction is significantly different. Seymour has had a distinguished career in both government and acadenia and he has sailed on a friend’s schooner to the south coast of Newfoundland – an experience that was the genesis of the Astreya trilogy. “The Laughing Princess” followed Astreya into print in 2012. More can be found about Seymour and his writing on his website


Click on the link below to hear the interview. It covers not only Antoine’s interest in the Victorian period, but how he came to commence writing the “Dawlish Chronicles” series and how he has found the process of writing and publishing. He also reflects on how his own life has influenced the plots, characters and challenges that feature in his stories.