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Battle of Caulk’s Field 1814

Caulk’s Field: the Death of Captain Sir Peter Parker, 1814 The British attack on Baltimore in mid-September 1814, and the heroic defence of Fort McHenry, is one of the most widely remembered incidents of the War of 1812, since it was to inspire the writing of the American national anthem. It was however preceded [...]

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6ths at bay – HMS Flamborough and HMS Bideford, 1760

HMS Flamborough and HMS Bideford - Outgunned but Defiant, 1760 The term “post ship” was applied in the Royal Navy to Sixth-Rate vessels, and referred to the fact that they were the smallest ships that could be commanded by a post-captain. They were in effect miniature frigates, ship-rigged, some hundred feet long and around [...]

6ths at bay – HMS Flamborough and HMS Bideford, 17602021-11-17T12:09:44+00:00

Hoche Ramming Disaster 1892

Another peacetime ramming disaster: Hoche and Maréchal Canrobert 1892 Ramming proved a successful manoeuvre in battle on only one naval battle – at Lissa in 1866 (click here to access an earlier blog-article about it) – but ram bows were seen as essential features for warships of almost all sizes in the half-century prior [...]

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18th Century Naval Artists Part 2

Naval Artists of the 18th Century – Part 2 Creating the Image of the British Seaman In the first part of this occasional series, which appeared on my blog recently, I discussed the remarkable career of Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg. (Click here to read if you missed it then.) He was a painter of considerable renown [...]

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Enter the Imperial German Navy on the World’s Oceans

The Arrival of the Imperial German Navy  on the World’s Oceans November 30th 2018 saw the publication of the seventh novel in the Dawlish Chronicles series, Britannia’s Mission. Like all books in the series, the plot and action are linked to real events, persons and political developments. Set in 1883, one of the major themes [...]

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Disaster in the North Sea 1811 – HMS Hero

The wreck of HMS Hero, 1811 Though the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars involved some two decades of continuous conflict, in which control of the sea was a vital consideration for Britain, many of hundreds of Royal Navy vessels involved were never exposed to direct combat with the enemy. Bad weather was however a constant hazard, [...]

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Admiral Walter Cowan – Fire-eating naval officer and the oldest Commando

Guest Blog by naval novelist Tim Chant I met Tim Chant at a Historical Novels Society in Scotland in 2018 and I was interested to learn that he was working on a novel set in the Russo-Japanee War of 1904-05. I found his projects of particular interest in view of my own fascination with [...]

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