Imperial Chinese Navy’s Rendel Cruisers

A Flawed Concept – The Imperial Chinese Navy's doomed "Rendel Cruisers" In my novel Britannia’s Spartan, set in 1882, an important role is played by a cruiser of the Imperial Chinese Navy, the Fu Ching. She is the fictional sister of two warships the Yang Wei and the Chao Yung, that did indeed serve in that navy. For a short period [...]

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2019 Blog Miscellany

2019 Retrospective: A Blog Miscellany Best wishes to you and yours for a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2020 and the decade thereafter from me, Antoine Vanner. Many thanks   for your support and for the enjoyable discussions that my writing has so often triggered. 2019 was a busy year in the Dawlish Chronicles front, including publication [...]

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French oared-galleys in British Waters – 1707

An epic stand against French oared-galleys in British Waters – 1707 When one thinks of battles involving oared galleys one thinks automatically of actions in the Mediterranean. The lot of a galley-slave chained to an oar must have been dreadful enough in the warm and usually calm waters of that sea, but it must have [...]

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Franco-Prussian Battle of Havana 1870

The Franco-Prussian Battle of Havana, 1870 The Prussian navy, a weak force composed mainly of gunboats, played an insignificant, if sometimes heroic, role in the three wars that led to proclamation of the German Empire in 1871. These were against Denmark (1864), Austria, Bavaria and other German States (1866) and France (1870-71).  Small as it [...]

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HMS Phaeton’s ruse – 1795

 A ruse to escape annihilation: HMS Phaeton, 1795  Cornwallis The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars saw very large numbers of battles at sea between small numbers of ships, but few in which entire squadrons engaged and yet fewer fleet actions on the scale of the Nile, Camperdown or Trafalgar. On one occasion however a medium-sized Royal Navy squadron escaped [...]

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The Rebel Ironclad CSS Stonewall – Part 2

From Rebel to Samurai – the epic career of the Confederate ironclad Stonewall - Part 2 Part 1 of this article told of the genesis of the ironclad, CSS Stonewall. To read it, click here.    The Alabama/Kearsarge action by Édouard Manet A major role is played in my new novel, Britannia’s Innocent, [...]

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